Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones Net Worth
Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones net worth

Current Net Worth$40 Million (USD – 4 Crores), (Rupees – 318 Crores)

Alex Jones short biography

Net Worth$40 Million
BornFebruary 11, 1974 (Age – 48)
Identified asAmerican Far-Right & Alt-Right radio show host & Prominent Conspiracy Theorist
StatusAmazing Conspiracy Theorist
EducationAustin Community College, Anderson High School
Spousal statusMarried (Kelly Jones M. 2007; Div. 2015), (Erika Wulff ​M. 2017)​
Alex Jones short biography

Alex Jones has a net worth of $40 Million (Rupees – 318 Crores) and was an American Far-Right & Alt-Right radio show host & Prominent Conspiracy Theorist.

Alexander Emerick Jones is a notable conspiracy theorist and host of a far-right and alt-right radio show in the United States.

From Austin, Texas, he hosts The Alex Jones Show, which the Genesis Communications Network syndicates across the United States and online.

Jones, a longtime critic of Republican and Democratic foreign and security policy, supported Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and has continued to support him as a savior from an alleged criminal bipartisan cabal controlling the federal government, despite disagreements over several of Trump’s policies, including airstrikes against the Assad regime.

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Alex Jones biography

Full NameAlexander Emerick Jones
BirthplaceDallas, Texas, U.S.
Height5.10 feet, 178 cm
Weight82 Kg
FatherDavid Jones
MotherCarol Jones
Alex Jones Biography

Jones was born on February 11, 1974, in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in the Rockwall neighborhood.

His father worked as a dentist, while his mother was a housewife.

He read None Dare Call It Conspiracy, a book by John Birch Society conspiracy theorist Gary Allen as a youngster, in which he claimed that global bankers controlled American politics rather than elected leaders.

It had a great impact on him, and Jones referred to Allen’s work as “the easiest-to-read primer on The New World Order.”

He claims to be of Irish, German, Welsh, English, and Comanche ancestry.


    Jones’ family relocated to Austin during his sophomore year in high school.

    He graduated in 1993 from Anderson High School, where he played football.

    Jones attended Austin Community College for a short time after graduating before dropping out.


    Jones began his career in Austin, where he worked on a public-access cable television program with a live, call-in style. Jones made the transition to radio in 1996, anchoring The Final Edition on KJFK (98.9 FM). Jones began broadcasting on the New World Order conspiracy idea at this time, influenced by radio broadcaster William Cooper, who phoned into Jones’ early broadcasts.

    Ron Paul appeared on his show multiple times while campaigning for Congress. Jones tied with Shannon Burke for the title of “Best Austin Talk Radio Host” in 1999, as voted on by readers of The Austin Chronicle.

    Alex Jones some movies

    2001Waking Life
    2006A Scanner Darkly
    2007Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement & Loose Change
    2009The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
    Alex Jones some movies

    Alex Jones income model

    Monthly Income$7 Lakh+ (Rupees – 5.5 Crore+)
    Yearly Income$8 Million+ (Rupees – 63 Crore+)
    Alex Jones income model

    Private & early life

    Jones and his ex-wife Kelly Jones have three children.

    In March 2015, the couple divorced. Due to her ex-actions, her husband Kelly requested sole or joint custody of their children in 2017. “He’s not a stable guy,” she said, and “I’m concerned that he is engaging in felonious activity, threatening a member of Congress” (Adam Schiff).

    His lawyer reacted by saying “he’s playing a part” and referring to him as a “performance artist.”

    Jones denied playing a character on his show, calling it “the most bona fide, hard-core, real McCoy thing there is, and everybody knows it”; in court, Jones clarified that he generally agreed with his attorney’s statement, but disagreed with the media’s interpretation of the term “performance artist.”

    Kelly has been granted the ability to choose where their children will reside, although he retains visiting privileges.

    After Jones led a demonstration at the Capitol and was swamped by fans, a state court judge dismissed Kelly’s emergency plea to obtain custody of their girls for the next two weeks in April 2020.

    Rex Jones, his son, has worked for InfoWars.

    Jones married Erika Wulff Jones in 2017, and the couple had a kid.


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