Ma Huateng Net Worth

Ma Huateng Net Worth
Ma Huateng Net Worth (Image Source – SayFamous)

Ma Huateng net worth

Current Net Worth$35.5 Billion (USD – 3,550 Crores), (Rupees – 2.75 Lakh Crores)

Ma Huateng short biography

Net Worth$35.5 Billion
BornOctober 29, 1971 (Age – 49)
Identified asFounder, Chairman & CEO of Tencent
StatusChinese Business Magnate
EducationShenzhen University, Bachelor of Arts/Science
ResidenceShenzhen, China
Spousal statusMarried (Wang Danting)
Ma Huateng short biography

Ma Huateng has a net worth of $35.5 Billion (Rupees – 2,75,503 Crores), making him one of the top 100 richest men in the world, after Michael Bloomberg, Phil Knight, and François Pinault.

He is the founder, CEO, and chairman of the Chinese internet behemoth Tencent Holdings.

Tencent is one of the world’s largest Internet and technology firms, as well as one of the world’s largest investment, gaming, and entertainment empires.

Ma is noted for his low-key attitude, as opposed to Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s extroverted personality.

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Ma Huateng biography

Full NameMa Huateng
BirthplaceGuangdong, China
Height5.9 feet, 179 cm
Weight75 Kg
FatherMa Chenshu
MotherHuang Huiqing
Ma Huateng biography

Ma was born in Shantou, Guangdong, in the city of Chaoyang on October 29, 1971.

Ma Chenshu, his father, took a position as a port manager in Shenzhen, and the young Ma went with him.

Now, he is better known as Pony Ma, is a Chinese business mogul worth billions of dollars.

Ma Huateng’s fortune stems from his 9.7% shareholding in Tencent Holdings.


He began studying computer science at Shenzhen University in 1989 and finished with a bachelor’s degree in 1993.


Ma’s first employment was as a software developer for pagers at China Motion Telecom Development, a provider of telecommunications services and equipment.

Ma Huateng went on to co-found Tencent in 1998 with four other classmates.

By the end of 1999, the program had racked up over a million registered users, making it one of China’s most popular online services.

WeChat, China’s most popular mobile instant messaging program, is developed by the business, and its subsidiaries provide entertainment, media, payment systems, smartphones, value-added services, internet-related services, and online advertising services in China and throughout the world.

Tencent turned to venture investors to fund its rising operating expenditures because their prized offering OICQ was provided free of charge.

In 2000, Ma resorted to IDC, a US investment firm, and Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a Hong Kong telecom carrier, to buy 40 percent of Tencent’s shares for US$2.2 million.

Following that, 80 percent of the company’s revenue came from agreements reached with telecom carriers to split message fees.

Tencent had grown to become China’s largest instant messaging service by 2004, with 74 percent of the market.

Ma swiftly rose to the top of China’s telecom sector after the company raised $200 million in its IPO in June.

Ma was a delegate to the 12th National People’s Congress and a deputy to the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress.

In 2010, Ma imitated Microsoft by forming two rival engineering teams and assigning them the task of developing a new product. Two months later, one team presented WeChat, a text messaging and group chats software that debuted in January 2011.

WeChat is the world’s largest instant messaging network, with 48 percent of Internet users in the Asia-Pacific area using it in 2015.

Tencent also offers web portals, e-commerce, and multiplayer online gaming, among other things.

In December 2018, the company’s music-streaming business, Tencent Music, went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Private & early life

Pony is Ma’s nickname, which comes from the English version of his surname Ma, which means “horse.”

Ma Huateng is known for his clandestine lifestyle and rarely appears in the public.

He is said to own property in Hong Kong as well as art worth $150 million. In Hong Kong, he has a renovated palatial house of 1,820 m2 (19,600 sq ft).


  • Ma’s personal Tencent shares were transferred to his charity organization, the Ma Huateng Global Foundation, in 2016, for a total of US$2.3 billion.

Net worth statistics

  • March 2012 – $4.7 B
  • March 2013 – $6.8 B
  • March 2014 – $13.4 B
  • March 2015 – $16.1 B
  • March 2016 – $16.6 B
  • March 2017 – $24.9 B
  • March 2018 – $45.3 B
  • March 2019 – $38.8 B
  • April 2020 – $38.1 B
  • April 2021 – $65.8 B
  • April 2022 – $37.2 B

Ma Huateng Quote

The leader of the market today may not necessarily be the leader tomorrow.

– Ma Huateng


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