Mukesh Ambani Net Worth


Mukesh Ambani net worth

Current Net Worth$86.1 Billion (USD – 8,610 Crores), (Rupees – 7.12 Lakh Crores)

Mukesh Ambani short biography:

Net Worth$86.1 Billion
BornApril 19, 1957 (Age – 65)
Identified asManaging Director & Chairman, Reliance Industries
StatusIndian Billionaire Businessperson
EducationSt. Xavier’s College, Mumbai;
Institute of Chemical Technology (B.E.);
Stanford University (dropped out)
ResidenceMumbai, India
Spousal StatusMarried (Anita Ambani)
Children3 (2 sons & 1 daughter)
Mukesh Ambani short biography

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is one of the richest men in India withholding a net worth of $86.1 Billion (Rupees – 7,12,992 Crores), making him the first richest man in India.

Mukesh is a successful Indian businessperson, the managing director (MD), chairman, and also the largest stockholder of his company Reliance Industries Ltd.

(RIL) is listed in Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most profitable group by market cap that functions in natural resources, energy, retail, petrochemicals, telecommunications, and textiles.

With sustaining ownership of the world’s largest oil refining company, Mukesh Ambani holds a 42% stack of Reliance Industries which derives the majority of Ambani’s wealth.

He is the lord of residential property worth $2 billion and also owns a professional cricket team “Mumbai Indians”.

Amazing Fact

  • He was the first Indian or non-American nominated as a Director of the Board of Bank of America.
  • Reliance Industries, with a $104 billion (sales) market cap with holdings in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom, and retail, is chaired and operated by Mukesh Ambani.
  • His late father, yarn dealer Dhirubhai Ambani, established Reliance in 1966 as a little textile firm.
  • Ambani and his younger sibling Anil divided up the family business when their father passed away in 2002.
  • He has outlined his succession plan, with younger son Anant joining the new energy sector and son Akash serving as chairman of Reliance Jio.
  • Reliance is being refocused by Ambani on renewable energy. In addition to spending $80 billion on renewable energy over the following 10 to 15 years, the firm is developing a new complex close to its refinery.
  • Daughter Isha is in charge of retail of Reliance Jio.
  • Jio, a 4G phone and broadband service launched by Reliance in 2016, set off a pricing war in the telecom industry. With more than 420 million members now, it is getting ready to roll out 5G services.

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Mukesh Ambani biography

Mukesh Ambani Net Worth
Mukesh Ambani Net Worth (Image Source – Instagram)
Full NameMukesh Dhirubhai Ambani
BirthplaceAden, Colony of Aden
Height5.6 feet, 169 cm
Weight90 Kg
FatherDhirubhai Ambani
MotherKokilaben Ambani
Mukesh Ambani Biography

Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19, 1957, in the British Crown colony of Aden, present-day it is Yemen, his father is known as Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani (Dhirubhai Ambani), and his mother Kokilaben Ambani.

He has 3 siblings a younger brother Anil Ambani and two sisters, Dipti Dattaraj Salgaocar and Nina Bhadrashyam Kothari.

In 1958, his father decided to step back to India and launch an import and export enterprise for spices and textiles. The company was initially named “Vimal”.

Until the 1970s, the Ambani family stayed in a simple two-bedroom flat in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai.

Later his father Dhirubhai purchased a 14-floor quarters slab known as ‘Sea Wind’ in Colaba, where, the whole family sliced their different floors to live openly.

As his family’s economic situation little improved after rolling back to India.


Mukesh attended the Hill Grange High School at Peddar Road in Mumbai, with his brother Anil and collected a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology.

In 1980, when Ambani was attending an MBA at Stanford University, his father called him back to help him in building Reliance, which at the time showed a rally in business.

His father used to think that real-life experiences are more important than sitting in a classroom to run a successful business.

So, he withdrew Mukesh back from the university and steer him the power to monitor the yarn manufacturing project in the company.


Mukesh Ambani Net Worth
Mukesh Ambani Net Worth (Image Source – Instagram)

In 1980, the Indian government opened PFY (polyester filament yarn) manufacturing to private areas.

Dhirubhai Ambani applied for a permit to set up a PFY manufacturing unit.

Getting the permit from the administration was a massive process, as at that point, delivering the import of yarn for the material was difficult because the government was restricting the wide extent of production.

Despite tough conflict from 45 opponents, Dhirubhai was granted a license from the government, which was described as “Permit Raj”.

Dhirubhai called his eldest son back from Stanford where he was studying for an MBA, to help him in the business.

In 1981, Mukesh began to support his father in running the fast-growing company, Reliance Industries Limited.

Rasikbhai Meshwani, the Executive Director of the company died in 1985, he was also treated as a business partner by Dhirubhai.

In 1986 suddenly, Dhirubhai got suffered by heart-attack therefore all the obligations moved to Ambani and Anil the younger brother.

After receiving all the handling permissions, Mukesh Ambani established Reliance Infocomm Limited (currently Reliance Communications Limited), which was an information and communication technology drive.

At Mukesh age 24, when the company was investing massively in petrochemicals and oil refineries, he was delivered the charge of assembling the Patalganga Petrochemical Plant also.

On July 6, 2002, Dhirubhai died after a second heart attack without leaving a will for the distribution of the empire which resulted in, a brotherly dispute between elder son Mukesh and his brother Anil in 2004.

Then mother Kokilaben Ambani interfered between the brothers to stop the dispute, she sliced the company into two parts, after which Mukesh received control of Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited and Reliance Industries Limited.

In December 2013, Mukesh Ambani disclosed that there is a probability of collaboration in a venture with Bharti Airtel for establishing a digital complex for the 4G network in India.

On 18 June 2014, Mukesh Ambani announced that he is going to invest Rs 1.8 trillion in the businesses in the upcoming three years and also launch 4G broadband assistance in 2015.

A First Information Report (FIR) declared the criminal violations for apparent exceptions in the pricing of natural gas from the KG basin of Mukesh Ambani.

As of 2015, according to an analysis of China’s Hurun Research Institute, Ambani was in 5th rank among India’s contributors.

In February 2016, Ambani’s Jio launched its own 4G smartphone brand named LYF and in June 2016, honorably it became India’s third-biggest mobile phone-selling brand.

On September 5, 2016, when Reliance Jio has been launched publicly, it grabbed a spot in the top five of the country’s telecommunication services.

Mukesh Ambani announced asserted bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1, which is the country’s largest bonus issue in India during the 40th annual general meeting of Reliance Industries Limited, and also announced the Jio Phone at a price of ₹0, which was incredible.

The same year, Ambani was ranked 36th on the list of the world’s richest people by Forbes and has captured the designation of India’s richest person for the last 10 consecutive years.

In February 2018, he was named in Bloomberg’s “Robin Hood Index”

And he exists the solely Indian businessman in Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful men.

In October 2020, Mukesh Ambani became the 6th richest individual in the world according to Forbes.

He is the founder of the Indian Super League, a football club in India, and also acquires the Indian Premier League franchise of “Mumbai Indians”.

By all this, in 2012, he also grabbed the spot of the richest sports owner in the world.

Private & early life

Mukesh Ambani & Nita ambani (Image Source – Facebook)

In 1985, Mukesh got married to Anita, this was all done when Dhirubhai Ambani visited a dance function at which Nita had performed.

This was a shocking shot for Nita that Dhirubhai himself called her, she couldn’t believe it.

After arriving at the workplace, Dhirubhai Ambani approached her for a gathering with his elder son, Mukesh, and that is the way they met!

Now, they have two sons; Anant and Akash, and a lovely daughter, Isha.

In 2007, Ambani presented his better half with a $60 million Airbus A319 for her 44th birthday. The Airbus, which has a limit of 180 travelers, has been custom-fitted to incorporate a bedroom, WiFi, Jacuzzi, an office, satellite TV, and a sky bar.

Mukesh Ambani is a strict vegetarian and nondrinker.

In March 2017, in an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, he let out that his favorite restaurant persists Mysore Café, a restaurant in King’s Circle (Mumbai) where he commonly eats as a student at UDCT and his favorite food is idli sambar.

On 31 March 2012, he chose to refuse to accept around INR240 million from his yearly income as broad of Reliance Industries Ltd. This held his income covered at ₹150 million for the fourth year.

Mukesh Ambani is holding a 44.7% pledge in the company.

By mid-2019, a court in Mumbai held his brother, Anil Ambani, in criminal contempt for the non-installment of certainly ascertained commitment Reliance Communications owed to Swedish gear producer, Ericsson.

Rather than prison time, the court allowed Anil a month to concoct the assets. Toward the month’s end, Mukesh rescued his more youthful sibling, paying the obligation.

Mukesh Ambani Net Worth
Mukesh Ambani Net Worth (Image Source – Instagram)


  • 1977 – Reliance Textiles Industries sells shares in a public offering.
  • 1996 – Ambanis spend $6 billion on the development of an oil refinery complex.
  • 2002 – India’s biggest natural gas field is discovered in the Bay of Bengal.
  • 2002 – Dhirubhai Ambani dies after a stroke.
  • 2005 – Reliance Group splits due to a feud with brother Anil.
  • 2011 – Sells shares in oil and gas blocks in India to BP for $7.2 billion.
  • 2013 – Announces first transaction with brother since Reliance Group split.
  • 2015 – A $16 billion phone network is set to go live in December 2015.

Net worth statistics

  • March 2011 – 27.0 B
  • March 2012 – 22.3 B
  • March 2013 – 21.5 B
  • March 2014 – 18.6 B
  • March 2015 – 21.0 B
  • March 2016 – 19.3 B
  • March 2017 – 23.2 B
  • March 2018 – 40.1 B
  • March 2019 – 50.0 B
  • April 2020 – 36.8 B
  • April 2021 – $84.5 B
  • April 2022 – $90.7 B

Amazing Richness

Ambani has expended more than $1 billion on the 27-story mansion “Antilia” which is located at 400,000-square-foot, with three helipads, and six stories of undercover parking.

The stunning aspect is, that the whole house is up-keeping by over 600 staff units.

Mukesh Ambani Quote

“Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of self-reliance can be attained by making use of the Internet and technology”

– Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani Net Worth
Mukesh Ambani Net Worth (Image Source – Instagram)


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