Dustin Hoffman Net Worth

Dustin Hoffman Net Worth
Dustin Hoffman Net Worth

Dustin Hoffman net worth

Current Net Worth$100 Million (USD – 10 Crores), (Rupees – 758 Crores)

Dustin Hoffman short biography

Net Worth$100 Million
BornAugust 8, 1937 (Age – 84)
Identified asAmerican Actor, Filmmaker
StatusPopular Actor
Years active1960–present
EducationSanta Monica College, California Institute of the Arts
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Spousal statusMarried (Anne Byrne M. 1969; Div. 1980)​, (Lisa Gottsegen ​M. 1980)​
Dustin Hoffman short biography

Dustin Hoffman has a net worth of $100 Million (Rupees – 758 Crores), is an American Actor, Filmmaker, most known for his incredible acting in the movies.

Dustin Lee Hoffman is an actor and director from the United States.

He’s noted for playing antiheroes and emotionally weak characters in a variety of roles.

“An actor with the everyman’s face who personified the heartbreakingly human,” said actor Robert De Niro.

Hoffman knew he wanted to pursue a career in the arts from an early age and enrolled at the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music; subsequently, he opted to pursue acting and trained at the Pasadena Playhouse in Los Angeles.

In 1961, he made his Broadway debut as Ridzinski in A Cook for Mr. General.

He performed in various guest parts on television programs including Naked City and The Defenders during that period.

He subsequently went on to star in the 1966 off-Broadway production Eh?, for which he won both a Theatre World Award and a Drama Desk Award for his performance.

Hoffman has appeared in films such as Finding Neverland (2004), I Heart Huckabees (2004), Stranger than Fiction (2006), Meet the Fockers (2004), and Little Fockers (2004) in the twenty-first century (2010).

Hoffman has voiced characters in films such as The Tale of Despereaux (2008) and the Kung Fu Panda film series (2008–2016).

Quartet, starring Maggie Smith and Tom Courtenay, was his directorial debut in 2012, and it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Hoffman featured in Noah Baumbach’s highly acclaimed family drama The Meyerowitz Stories, which was released in 2017.

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Dustin Hoffman biography

Full NameDustin Lee Hoffman
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Height5.5 feet, 167 cm
Weight68 Kg
FatherHarry Hoffman
MotherLillian Gold
Dustin Hoffman Biography

Dustin Lee Hoffman was born on August 8, 1937, in Los Angeles, California, to Harry Hoffman and Lillian.

He was the second son of Harry Hoffman (1908–1987) and Lillian.

Before becoming a furniture salesman, his father worked as a prop supervisor (scene decorator) at Columbia Pictures.

Dustin Farnum, a theatrical and silent film actor, inspired Hoffman’s name. Ronald, his older brother, is a lawyer and economist.

Hoffman is Jewish, descended from a family of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Kyiv, Ukraine (then a part of the Russian Empire) and Iași, Romania.

In the Russian Empire, the surname Goikhman was spelled омaн (Goikhman).

His childhood was nonreligious, and he has stated, “I don’t remember celebrating Jewish festivals growing up,” and that he “realized” he was Jewish when he was about the age of ten.


Hoffman attended Santa Monica College with the goal of pursuing medicine after graduating from Los Angeles High School in 1955.

He departed after a year to attend the Pasadena Playhouse, despite his Aunt Pearl’s warning, “You can’t be an actor. You’re not good-looking enough.”

He also trained under Lee Strasberg and has indicated that he did not study with Sanford Meisner or Stella Adler.


Hoffman had studied piano throughout his childhood and college and intended to become a classical pianist. He also attended an acting class at Santa Monica College, which he thought would be simple, and “got the acting bug.”

After that, he went to Actors Studio and became a method actor. Hoffman was cast in an off-Broadway show in 1960, followed by a tiny part in A Cook for Mr. General on Broadway in 1961.

Hoffman was cast as the lead in the Broadway musical The Apple Tree in 1966, but director Mike Nichols turned him down because he couldn’t sing well enough, and instead cast Alan Alda.

In May 1969, Midnight Cowboy was released in theatres across the United States.

Following that, he starred in Little Big Man (1970), in which his character, Jack Crabb, matures from an adolescent to a 121-year-old man.

Hoffman was nominated for Best Actor again for his role in Lenny (1974).

All the President’s Men (1976) featured Hoffman and Robert Redford as real-life journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, respectively, and was released less than two years after the Watergate incident.

Hoffman then appeared in Robert Benton’s Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), which also starred Meryl Streep and was directed by him.

Hoffman plays Michael Dorsey in Tootsie (1982), a struggling actor who dresses up as a woman in order to obtain a job in a soap opera.

Hoffman performed as Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman on Broadway in 1984.

Ishtar (1987), co-starring Warren Beatty and produced by Hoffman, was his worst cinematic flop.

Following Rain Man, Hoffman starred alongside Sean Connery and Matthew Broderick in Sidney Lumet’s Family Business (1989).

Under the alias Sam Etic, Hoffman voiced substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, in The Simpsons episode “Lisa’s Substitute” in 1991.

Hoffman played alongside John Travolta in Costa Gavras’ Mad City in 1997.

Hoffman then starred alongside Edward Burns, Andy Garca, and Rachel Weisz in Moonlight Mile (2002) and Confidence (2003).

His business, Punch Productions, signed a first-look agreement with The Walt Disney Studios in 2001.

In 2007, he starred as the title character in the British family film Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, for which he was nominated for a BIFA Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film at the British Independent Film Awards 2007. He also appeared in the 50 Cent video “Follow My Lead” a psychiatrist, and he appeared in the 50 Cent video “Follow My Lead” as a psychiatrist.

Hoffman returned to the role of Master Shifu in the critically acclaimed and economically successful animated feature Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2011.

Quartet, starring Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins, Billy Connolly, and Michael Gambon, was Hoffman’s directorial debut in 2012.

Hoffman co-starred with Judi Dench in Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot, a BBC television film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s famous novel, adapted by Richard Curtis.

Hoffman received the Gotham Awards Tribute in 2017, alongside Sofia Coppola, Nicole Kidman, and Edward Lachman. Elizabeth Marvel presented Hoffman to the audience.

Hoffman will make his Broadway comeback as the Stage Manager in Scott Rudin’s production of Our Town in 2020, according to reports.

Hoffman will next be seen in As They Made Us, directed by Mayim Bialik, opposite Candice Bergen, Dianna Agron, and Simon Helberg, and in Sam & Kate, directed by Darren Le Gallo and slated to begin production in February 2022, featuring Sissy Spacek and his son Jake Hoffman.

Dustin Hoffman some movies

1967The Tiger Makes Out
1970Little Big Man
1978Straight Time
1990Dick Tracy
2005Racing Stripes
2007Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
2010Barney’s Version
2016Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll
2019Into the Labyrinth
2022As They Made Us
Dustin Hoffman some movies

Dustin Hoffman income model

Monthly Income$1 Million+ (Rupees – 7.5 Crore+)
Yearly Income$12 Million+ (Rupees – 90 Crore+)
Dustin Hoffman income model

Private & early life

Marriage and relationships

Hoffman admitted that he and fellow actor and close friend Robert Duvall were “obsessed with sex” when they were young and unmarried.

Hoffman married Anne Byrne in May 1969 after meeting her in 1963. He adopted Karina, Byrne’s daughter from a previous marriage, and had Jenna with her.

In 1970, Hoffman and Byrne were living in Greenwich Village in a building next door to a townhouse occupied at the time by Weathermen members when a bomb was inadvertently detonated in the basement of the townhouse, killing three people.

Hoffman may be seen standing on the street after the explosion in the 2002 documentary The Weather Underground. In 1980, the couple divorced.

In October 1980, he married Lisa Gottsegen, a businesswoman, and the couple had four children: Jacob Edward, Rebecca Lillian, Maxwell Geoffrey, and Alexandra Lydia “Ali.”

Hoffman is the grandfather of two grandkids.

He revealed in an interview that all of his children from his second marriage had bar or bat mitzvahs and that he is now a more devout Jew than he was when he was younger.

He has also expressed his dissatisfaction with his lack of Hebrew proficiency.

Activism in politics

Hoffman, a lefty, has long backed the Democratic Party and Ralph Nader.

In 1997, he was one of a number of Hollywood actors and executives who signed an open letter to then-German chancellor Helmut Kohl criticizing the persecution of Scientologists in Germany, which was published in the International Herald Tribune as a newspaper advertising.

Treatment for cancer

In 2013, Hoffman underwent cancer treatment and was given the all-clear.

Allegations of sexual misbehavior

Hoffman was accused of sexual misconduct by seven women in 2017. Hoffman made improper remarks and statements around her while working as an intern on a TV production of Death of a Salesman, according to a woman who was 17 at the time.

Hoffman also requested her to give him foot massages. Hoffman apologized to the 17-year-old intern who accused him of harassment but denied culpability.

Meryl Streep said to the online magazine Slate in 2017 that Hoffman touched her breast on their first encounter. However, a spokesperson for Meryl Streep told Slate that the portrayal of their 1979 meeting was inaccurate.

According to a spokesperson for Meryl Streep, “There was a transgression, for which Dustin expressed regret. And Meryl was fine with it.” Hoffman hit Streep, rather than pantomiming a slap, while filming a scene in Kramer vs. Kramer, according to Streep.

The other six charges have elicited no public response from Hoffman.

Hoffman’s co-star in Tootsie (1982) and The Lost City (2005), Bill Murray, supported him, stating, “I heard about what happened to him, and Dustin Hoffman is a wonderful guy. He’s a Borscht Belt flirt who’s been that way his whole life. He is, nonetheless, a very kind dude.” Chevy Chase and Liam Neeson, both actors, defended him.


1968Best Actor
1970Best Actor
1975Best Actor
1980Best Actor
1983Best Actor
2007BIFA Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a British Independent Film
2016Best Actor
Dustin Hoffman awards


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