What happens to Queen Elizabeth II’s pets now that she is no longer alive?

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II (Source – Instagram)

The late Queen Elizabeth II of England was a dog lover who was frequently seen with corgis in her later years. Now that the British queen has died at the age of 96, the question of who owns her dog remains.

The Royal family hasn’t issued any formal statement as of now

“We can only guess on plans for the corgis – nothing is left to chance with the royal family,” The Independent’s Royal Correspondent Victoria Arbiter said.

Penny Junor, a journalist, and writer propose an alternate theory. She notes that the Queen’s trusty seamstress, assistant, and right-hand lady, Angela Kelly, or her long-time page, Paul Whybrew, may be tasked with caring for the dogs.

Even though the corgis’ destiny is uncertain, The Independent reports that a Royal insider believes Prince Andrew may look after the last of Queen Elizabeth’s remaining dogs: two corgis, Muick and Sandy, and one dorgi, Candy (dorgi is the hybrid between a dachshund and a corgi).

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Will Prince Andrew take the dogs?

The disgraced Duke of York has not made many public statements since his formal banishment from the family as a result of his associations with Jeffrey Epstein.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II (Source – Instagram)

So, for the time being, the destiny of the corgis is unknown, since sources claim that, aside from the late Queen, no one else in the family was particularly fond of corgis.

The Queen’s lifelong obsession with dogs

When Elizabeth was seven years old, her father, King George VI, gave her a corgi. This resulted in a lifetime obsession with corgis, including a pet corgi named Susan for her 18th birthday in 1944.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II (Source – Instagram)

But one thing is certain: every year of her ultimate rule has been characterized by one or more corgis. Despite having Cocker Spaniels and Dorgis, corgis have been her favorite breed throughout her reign. This is analogous to Queen Victoria’s affection for pugs, which she once possessed 38.

Over the duration of her 70-year reign, Elizabeth owned 30 corgis. She is currently survived by the two corgis and one dorgi (in addition to the hoo-mans).

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