The Biggest Threats to Financial Security [2023]

The list of economic problems is endless and includes things like inflation, interest rates, the conflict in Ukraine, energy prices, deficits, taxes, insurance costs, bear markets, recession, the housing crisis, the housing crunch, income inequality, and a poor global economy.

Put aside your own conflicting priorities, such as your children, your home, your finances, and your elderly parents. The major risks to financial stability are listed here, along with steps you may take to safeguard your funds

Biggest Threats to Financial Security

But what risks do you actually face to your financial security? What can you, more crucially, actually do about the economic problems that bother you the most?

The difficulties that worry persons approaching retirement and those who have previously retired the most are described in Goldman Sachs’ Retirement Readiness & Insights Report 2022.

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Inflation-related anxiety has increased from 42% in 2021 to 71%.

Your financial security is undoubtedly seriously hampered by rising expenditures. As a result, you want to make sure that you have as much income for retirement that is inflation-protected as you can. In fact, aiming to pay for all of your necessary fixed costs with revenue that is inflation-protected is a smart objective.

Social Security offers insurance protection, some pension plans, and some annuities. Additionally, your withdrawals may be regarded as inflation-protected if the return on your assets is higher than the inflation rate.

To evaluate your sources of inflation-protected income, use the NewRetirement Planner. You can view your many revenue sources on the chart of lifetime income forecasts. You may also establish your essential and flexible spending demands using the detailed budgeter (Expenses > Recurring Expenses > Planner+ Budgeter), then switch between the two budgets to evaluate your strategy at various spending levels.

Spending cuts or budget controls are the main strategies used by most households to combat inflation. Working longer hours or taking a retirement job might become a more common trend while the labor market is still robust.

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Risk of Long-Term Income Running Out

With inflation reaching almost record levels, you can probably get by even if you are already retired in the short term. The real concern, though, is whether you will eventually run out of money.

You may get the answer to this question using the NewRetirement Planner. You may find out your “chance of success” rating or assess how old you are when you run out of money. Additionally, you may investigate these data using various worst- and best-case scenarios.

Prepare for worst-case scenarios by cutting back on spending, downsizing your home, or finding a retirement job.

The Financial Vortex and Risks to Savings Rates


The “financial vortex” is referred to in the Goldman Sachs research as the plethora of financial priorities, life events, and planning assumptions that frequently affect a working person’s capacity to contribute to retirement funds. Financial stress starts to increase in midlife as people balance very real spending requirements. The report also reveals that retirement funds are in danger as a result of these conflicting financial requirements.

However, the majority of experts advise families to put retirement savings ahead of the majority of other competing concerns. Nobody else is going to pay for your retirement; your child may be eligible for a college loan and your elderly parents may choose to enroll in Medicaid.

Analyze what you believe is appropriate and determine what you can truly afford.

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Keep to Your Means


Keep your quality of life at or below what your income will allow. Your income should rise as your career progresses and you get more experience. However, it would be wiser to use this extra cash to pay down debt or increase savings rather than spending it on new goods and a more opulent lifestyle. You will always have extra cash flow that you may use to fund financial objectives or an unforeseen financial emergency if the expense of your lifestyle is growing slower than your income.

Track Your Spending

Spending is kept in check when you are aware of how much and on what you spend your money. Utilize a free budgeting program like Mint to assist you in doing this.

You could find that paying for takeout several times per week costs more than $300 per month, or that paying recurring fees for subscriptions and streaming services you never use is a waste of your hard-earned money. It’s excellent if you have the money to spend several hundred dollars a month on takeout. If not, you’ve now learned another simple technique to save costs in addition to canceling those streaming services you didn’t know you had.


By the majority of important indicators, long life is the ideal. But a longer life needs more resources and a more effective strategy.

Use the NewRetirement Planner to determine your chances of success and the age at which you will run out of money for various longevity goals. We often advise that you account for as least your anticipated lifespan plus an additional 10 years as a safety net and also check here is the best retirement destinations with top-notch medical facilities

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Become Financially Literate

Earning money is one thing; conserving it and growing it is quite another. Financial planning and investing are ongoing pursuits. It will be worthwhile for you, in the long run, to put in the time and effort to learn about investment and personal finance. Achieving your financial objectives requires making wise financial and investment decisions.

Death of a spouse

Your marriage might be the source of various retirement dangers. For instance, the death of your spouse can result in a reduction in pension payments. As you and your spouse may have been dividing expenses, it can also make it more difficult for you to pay your monthly payments. As a result, you could have to foot the bill. There are also potential grave funeral expenses.

Fortunately, there are several insurance products that can assist lower the financial risks linked to the death of your spouse. You could receive payment through life insurance or survivorship benefits from a pension plan, for example.

Social Security and other government retirement benefits’ viability

The majority of those questioned by Goldman Sachs are concerned about impending cuts to Social Security payments.

Both Social Security and Medicare are having financial difficulties, however, it is extremely improbable that the government will lower payments for anybody now receiving them or about to begin receiving them. Additionally, there is discussion in Washington, D.C., about the possibility of increasing the eligibility age for benefits, cutting benefits for those who make above a certain amount or taking other measures to address the reality that these programs will run out of money.

Younger employees may need to invest even more in their financial stability by increasing their savings.

Bottom Line

Making plans for retirement is difficult. When we leave employment, we often have to deal with significant life changes as well as potential significant financial hazards. Inflation, market risk, and medical expenses are just a few of the factors that might jeopardize your financial stability once you stop working.

It would be wise to consult with a financial expert to set together a strategy because things can be so convoluted. To prevent running out of money, they can assist you to analyze your financial situation, determine how much money you need, and plan your draw-down strategy.

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