Iconic Russian singer requests to be designated as a “foreign agent.”

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva, a tremendously successful Russian singer since the Soviet era, has said she wants to be added to Russia’s list of foreign agents in solidarity with her husband, who has been recognized as one.

Pugacheva’s post on Instagram on Sunday is a significant slap from a senior individual at Russian authorities, who have crushed criticism in recent years.

Maxim Galkin, a musician and TV presenter who has criticized Russia for deploying soldiers into Ukraine, was put on the foreign agent’s registry by the justice ministry on Saturday for allegedly undertaking political operations on behalf of Ukraine and receiving Ukrainian financing.

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She referred to Galkin as a “genuine and incorruptible patriot” who desires to see “the end of our boys dying for phantom ideals.”

Russian legislation permits organizations and persons suspected of engaging in political activities and receiving foreign funds to be designated as foreign agents. The word has a strong negative connotation and suggests more government inspection.

Pugacheva, 73, is known for her emotive singing and colorful performances. She rose to prominence in the 1970s and remains famous throughout the former Soviet Union.

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