Happy birthday, Mr. President! Ukrainians mock Russia in honor of the Crimea bridge explosion

A pair posts a photo in front of Cotton to the Crimean Bridge, a piece of art that resembles a large stamp.
In front of the large stamp-shaped piece of art named “Cotton to the Crimean Bridge,” a couple poses for a selfie. Getty / SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP is the source of these pictures.

Ukrainians and others have expressed strong enthusiasm and speculation on social media that the battle may have reached a turning point in response to a bomb that damaged a bridge connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland.

Some of Ukraine’s senior officials have reacted to the destruction of a crucial bridge connecting Crimea to Russia by mocking and posting several social media jokes.

On Saturday, the dramatic video showed the 19-kilometer Kerch Bridge on fire, with pieces falling into the ocean.

The longest European bridge spans a strait separating the Black Sea from the Sea of Azov. As a key transportation route for delivering military supplies to Russian forces fighting in Ukraine, it is critical logistically for Moscow.

It serves as a significant reminder of Russia’s 2014 takeover of Crimea. President Vladimir Putin personally opened the bridge in 2018 and even drove a truck across it. Despite the war, Moscow said the connection was secure.

It appeared to be an allusion to Vladimir Putin, who turned 70 on Friday.

Along with this, the Ukrainian post office announced it was getting ready to manufacture stamps displaying the “Crimean bridge, or more exactly, what remains of it.”

Ukrainians were drawn to snap selfies in front of a large stamp-shaped piece of art in the middle of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, that depicted two fire explosions on a bridge.

According to Getty, the piece of art was called “Cotton to the Crimean Bridge” and was made by Andrusiv V, Serdyukov O, Kalinovska Y, and Visich M.

A pair posts a photo in front of Cotton to the Crimean Bridge, a piece of art that resembles a large stamp.

The national rail company of Ukraine also shared its perspective, urging passengers not to smoke inside trains in a tweet that featured an image of the burning bridge next to the no-smoking sign.

Not a bad day’: Ukraine’s president

In his nighttime address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy did not specifically mention the bridge, and no one took blame. But when he mentioned a “sunny” future for Ukrainians, he appeared to be referring to the tragedy.

On the area of our state, “today was not a horrible day and largely sunny,” he added. “Unfortunately, the weather in Crimea was overcast. Nevertheless, it was also warm.”

Additionally, he stated that Ukraine desired a future “without occupiers all over our country, particularly in Crimea.”

His adviser Mykhailo Podolyak had previously shared a photo of a sizable portion of the bridge that was partially underwater on Twitter.

He wrote, “Crimea, the bridge, the beginning.”

Everything that is unlawful must be destroyed, everything that has been taken must be given back to Ukraine, and everything that Russia has captured must be evicted.

But he seemed to imply that Moscow was involved in the explosion in a subsequent remark.

“It’s important to note that the vehicle that exploded appears to have reached the bridge from the Russian side. Thus, Russia should be consulted for the solutions “added said.

The owner of the truck was recognized by Russian officials as a resident of the southern Krasnodar area, and they added that his residence was being inspected.

Later, local officials said that it was reopened to motor traffic with a strict screening of the cars. Grand Service Express, which runs the local rail services, said shortly after that the first trains had departed the peninsula for Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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