Earn Rs. 10000 on Rescheduling the Flight?


The Ministry of Civil Aviation in India issued a charter that reaffirmed the rights of passengers traveling within India. This list of rights covers the majority of scenarios, from airline delays to cancellations to luggage loss. To be sure, the majority of these restrictions were already in existence.

However, following consultation with airlines and passenger organizations, the government amended some of these.

Flight cancellation charges and rules:

If you are notified of the cancellation less than a fortnight but up to 24 hours before your intended departure, you are entitled to an alternate flight or a ticket refund. If you are not notified within this time limit or miss your connecting flight booked on the same ticket number, the airline shall provide you an alternate trip or compensation, in addition to a full refund.

This equates to compensation of Rs5,000 or the scheduled one-way basic cost + airline fuel charge, whichever is less, for flights with a block duration of up to an hour.


If your flight’s block time is between 1 and 2 hours, the compensation amount is Rs7,500; if your flight’s block time is greater than 2 hours, the compensation amount is Rs10,000.

If the airline provides a flight to or from a different airport or terminal than the one you had booked, it will pay for the transfer back to the original one. However, if you are notified of the change at least 6 hours in advance, you will make your own arrangements.

In addition, if you have already reported for the original flight and are waiting for the alternate one, the airline is obligated to give complimentary meals and refreshments in proportion to the length of your delay.

Please keep in mind that if you did not give enough contact information at the time of booking, you will not get monetary reimbursement.

What should you do if you are refused boarding due to an overbooked flight?

You cannot hold the airline liable for compensation for the missed initial flight on which you were refused boarding if the company offers an alternate trip that departs within one hour of the flight you paid for.

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If the airline fails to arrange for the alternate trip, you are entitled to reimbursement equal to 200% of the booked one-way fare plus airline fuel charges, up to a maximum of Rs10,000, if the airline arranges another aircraft to depart within 24 hours of the booked planned departure.

If the airline schedules a flight to depart more than 24 hours after the planned departure time, the compensation would be 400% of the booked one-way fare plus airline fuel charges, up to a maximum of Rs20,000.

If you do not choose an alternate flight, you are entitled to a 400% refund of up to INR 20,000 plus a full refund on your ticket.

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