A scientist turned entrepreneur from IIT Bombay is democratising molecular technology

Dr Manoj Gopalkrishnan
Algorithmic Biologics, a Bengaluru-based company, creates molecular programming algorithms. Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, animal husbandry, and food safety are just a few industries where its technology is used. Source – yourstory.com

A blood transfusion in India puts a recipient over 3,000 times higher risk of contracting HIV than one in the US.

The cause? The majority of blood transfusions in our nation use blood units that have undergone ELISA testing rather than the more expensive, highly sensitive NAT (Nucleic Acid Testing), which costs Rs 1,050 per unit of Whole Blood. Molecular testing are available, but their high cost makes them ineffective.

The goal of Bengaluru-based Algorithmic Biologics is to increase access to this molecular testing’s gold standard.

The deep-tech business, which was founded last year, is developing algorithms for molecular programming.

Its technology, which functions as a compression algorithm for molecular testing, has uses in synthetic biology, molecular biology research, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, animal husbandry, and food safety.

Dr. Manoj Gopalkrishnan, the creator of Algorithmic Biologics, has been a professor at IIT Bombay and a researcher in the field of molecular computing for about 18 years.

Engineering molecular systems is made possible because to molecular computing. Manoj says, “Molecular testing of DNA, RNA, protein, and other molecules helps us diagnose diseases, ensure the safety of food and environment, find, establish the usefulness of new treatments, and ensure the purity of new seed types.

The startup’s “Tapestry” solution already makes Covid19 screenings on college campuses inexpensive.

At the right time and place

The foundation for Algorithmic Biologics was set in 2009 when Manoj, who was a faculty member at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at the time, learned about the swine flu pandemic. This was before Algorithmic Biologics started to scale the screening procedure for COVID-19.

He came to the conclusion that diagnostic testing had turned into a bottleneck, impeding an efficient response to the epidemic.

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“At that time, I had the initial concept for Tapestry. Then, I looked for partners to work with me to put this concept into action, but I discovered little enthusiasm.

I tried again when COVID-19 news began to reach us in early 2020, and this time I discovered a far more welcoming environment to moving this idea forward,” says A scientist turned entrepreneur from IIT Bombay is democratising molecular technology Entrepreneur Manoj.

During COVID-19, the startup asserted that it could test up to 1,000 people using its technology in a small facility with a daily capacity of about 100 tests.

According to the company’s creator, Algorithmic Biologics’ USP is its AI-enabled SaaS solution, which is separate from the underlying molecular test.

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